Tmall customer service
Release time:2017/09/29
Position: Tmall customer service recruitment company: Fujian Sanming textile Limited by Share Ltd Department: fast deer operations recruiting number: 10 location: Sanming City Meliet District responsibilities: 1, answer customer pre-sales consulting, sale and customer service complaints query problem; 2, responsible for customer relationship maintenance, tracking of goods in transit; 3 and the basic computer operation, need to do the report; 4, processing shop daily affairs, including the network message reply, order management, delivery tracking, evaluation management, customer service complaints service work. Job requirements: 1. full time. Working hours can be arranged. One week off, can accept the white night shift; 2. typing speed, and have many chat capabilities; 3. understand consumer psychology, language ability, good communication. Have sense of responsibility, team work spirit, 4.. Customer service experience in online shop is preferred. [contact information: 8093113---13906080350


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