The safety production Committee of the company holds safe production in the first meeting room
Release time:2017/08/07
At 14:30 on the afternoon of August 2, 2017, the company safety committee held a special inspection of production safety work in the first meeting, the general manager of the company Luo Guoqing and company safety committee members and the production area of a long section above personnel 21 people attended the meeting. By the first meeting of company director Comrade Fan Feng publicizing participants to the "on Further Strengthening the company safety inspection work notice". Subsequently, the company EHS office director Comrade Zhan Changsheng proposed the accident risk analysis and investigation methods on how to do the inspection of production safety work, to all levels of management, and puts forward three suggestions: 1, the company various departments (production areas) need to do a good job of production safety inspection work, nineteen great victory of the party held a meeting in Xiamen and the BRIC build good safety production environment, as the sector's current major political responsibility and primary task. To raise awareness, to carry out safety inspections of work included in the schedule, red strengthen awareness and sense of responsibility, in accordance with the "very strict security, adhere to the red line and fine investigation risks, false and real, to strengthen security measures, tight and tight compaction safety responsibility requirements, organize and mobilize the staff to further to carry out safety inspections, the formation of atmosphere, responsibility, grabbing achievements. 2, who is in charge, who is responsible "principle, actively carry out the Department of troubleshooting and self inspection work, to a stepping stone to stay in India, there are traces of iron grasp the work attitude, pay close attention to hidden rectification work, the production safety inspection form normalization and institutionalization. 3, the current time when the summer heat and typhoon season, various departments Fangshujiangwen and natural disaster prevention work at the same time, to further implement the responsibility system for production safety, strengthen safety measures, thorough investigation of potential risks, and effectively prevent the natural disasters caused by production safety accidents, ensure that the company's property and personal safety of employees. Finally, party secretary and general manager, security committee director Comrade Luo Guoqing on the national, provincial and municipal, district on inspection of production safety teleconference and liapunoff interpretation of the spirit of the document, and put forward four requirements: 1, attaches great importance to carefully plan and organize, tight measures, strict investigation, limit assessment. With a high sense of responsibility, carry out the security inspections of the urban areas. 2, check list of the formulation and improvement, according to the work safety standardization work requirements, as well as the provincial city deployment of safety checklist, carefully check list. Group specific details of the inspection, detailed inspection items, specific content and inspection standards, from the hardware and software and on-site inspection to achieve full coverage, no dead ends. 3, strictly implement the responsibility system for production safety, and earnestly do the executives who are responsible for every part of the safety production process, each link, each post to have to implement the responsibility system at various levels, the sense of responsibility for production safety to cover all management personnel, the production safety awareness of all employees of the company and rooted in mind. 4, revised the company safety production responsibility system assessment management approach, aiming at the hidden trouble of safety inspections of rectification technology and not according to the requirements of rectification and repeatedly checked the safety problems, should be carried out according to the upper limit of assessment and appraisal. During the big inspection period, according to the requirements of the district documents, the report should be done at the stage and summarized and submitted to the relevant departments at the higher level.