Warmly congratulate the company completed Weng Dun Logistics Park apartment building a new factory.
Release time:2017/09/23
On the morning of September 8, 2017, Sanming textile Limited by Share Ltd moved into a new stage of development, and the new plant apartment building of Weng Tun Logistics Park ushered in a good day. Company chairman Mr. Zhang Bangcai and Mrs. Weng Baohua, company executives attended the celebration ceremony, and witnessed the historical moment. Nine in the morning, chairman of Mr. Zhang Bangcai and his wife lady Weng Baohua five people together for the main project of pouring the last shovel, the "golden land" to complete the grand ceremony, in the sound of firecrackers and the staff's applause, Weng Dun Logistics Park apartment building new factory successfully completed, the project successfully completed is an important milepost Sanming textile Limited by Share Ltd relocation and expansion project. Weng Tun logistics park new apartment building is located in Sanming City Weng Tun logistics park, a total of 15 layers, building area of 16014 square meters.


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