The company convened a project to start the intelligent management and control system of textile production
Release time:2017/08/02
On July 28, 2017 at 2:30 pm, three spinning company held intelligent control system of textile production (ERP, MES, IOT) project to start the meeting. The main agenda of the conference is as follows: 1, Zheng Chengyou, chief technology officer of the company, hosted the meeting, introduced the reason of the project and the main members of the three spinning company's intelligent management and control system project team. The software company, plans to implement 2 steel Minguang project leader Shi Xiang introduced Minguang software human resources service and project content, project. 3, the software company project steel Minguang executive director Li Jian delivered a speech, showed the importance of the project steel Minguang software company, and promised to provide first-class services and resources, and the three textile companies to work together to ensure the success of the project. The general manager 4, three spinning company Luo Guoqing speech, introduced the development process of spinning and textile production information system three intelligent control systems (ERP, MES, IOT) the relationship between the mobilization of key project implementation, require the company to project team members perform their duties, group, and jointly promote the realization of automation and intelligence of three spinning information and realize the intelligent control of textile production. To participate in the meeting the general manager of the company departments responsible person and technical personnel as well as software company steel Minguang technical staff of 45 people three spinning company Luo Guoqing speech technical director Zheng Chengyou presided over the meeting implementation plan Sansteel Project Manager Shi Xiang introduced Minguang software human resources service and project content, project


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