Logistics Park dynamics
Release time:2017/05/06
A logistics park plant covers an area of about 200 acres, of which: the commercial use of about 50 acres. Construction scale: spindles 120 thousand pieces, with an annual output of 20000 tons of high-grade cotton yarn, and the construction of textile testing center, textile research and development center, textile trade center. The building area is 74197 square meters, the office complex building is 7747 square meters, the supporting warehouses and other ancillary facilities are 50139 square meters. The textile inspection and Research Center has 13820 square meters and the textile trading center is 28449 square meters. It adopts the international advanced or leading level blowing carding unit, coarse and thin automatic winding machine, and supporting the corresponding spinning equipment for special structure such as slubby yarn, core spun yarn and compact Siro spinning. Schedule: workshop workshop has been completed, the staff dormitory, warehouse under construction.