Construction of Ninghua factory
Release time:2017/05/06
Two plant in Ninghua (Fujian Province deer Textile Technology Co., Ltd.) covers an area of about 218 acres. Construction scale: annual output of 12000 tons of cotton yarn, 16 million meters of denim. Construction workshop of 163 thousand square meters, office building, warehouse, dormitory, canteen and cultural centers and other facilities of 21 thousand and 500 square meters, while supporting the construction of perfect fire facilities, gas supply, water supply, sewage treatment and water supply and drainage system. The main production equipment including with the international advanced level, with high-speed R35 blowingcarding autoleveler, TWF1516 high-speed suspended flyer roving machine, HFJA compact spinning machine, core spun slub spinning machine, Japan Murata NO.21C-S automatic winder, the United States and Hongkong Morrison bunched dyeing machine, Italy rapier loom, the project the technical level is the leading domestic or international advanced level. : progress has been put into operation 78 thousand spindles.


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