Construction progress of three spinning science and Technology Building
Release time:2017/05/06
33 spinning technology building covers an area of 5741.42 square meters. Construction scale: building area of 20858.28 square meters on the ground, the basement area of 5487.14 square meters. The frame structure of 22 layers (including four storey podium), basement 2, mainly for business services, functions of business, SOHO business as a whole. Projects with a total investment of 1 billion 100 million yuan, after the completion of all, will form 200 thousand spindles, 200 rapier production capacity (annual production capacity of 16 million meters of denim, according to industry production value is approximately equal to 150 thousand spindles of cotton yarn production), with an annual output of broom brand yarn (Fujian brand-name products) 32000 tons, deer brand denim (Fujian province famous brand, Fujian famous brand products) 16 million meters, and the stronger independent brand fast deer cowboy clothing (now in Tmall, Taobao, and CCB good financial mall and other e-commerce platform), construction of textile trade, research and development, testing center, the simultaneous development of logistics business, build a leading technology in Sanming the textile and garment enterprises, the annual sales income of 1 billion yuan, profits of 200 million yuan. : progress has been built, the first floor, two floor, CITIC Bank has entered the third floor; CITIC Securities has been stationed in.